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CLAY mission is to enhance the life skills and opportunities for young people so that they can realise their potential and participate in their communities now and in the future.

Mission Statement

Based in Lower Crumlin, we're a community based Youth Project. CLAY provides a range of services to enhance life skills and opportunities for young people in the area. The set of values which will guide the organisation in carrying out its mission statement are:

Young people-centered

This encompasses the idea of empowering young people by giving them skills and opportunities to make decisions and choices about themselves and their lives.

And that all decisions made in CLAY will have the young people at their centre.


This is based on a commitment to the principles of Youth Work.

And linked to the ideas of respect, understanding and openness.

Working together

This is related to the concepts of co-operation, solidarity, integration and cohesion - in terms of providing a service and working in unison for and with young people.


This is related to the point that the organisation has a purpose as described in the Mission Statement and that when work is being done it needs to be mindful of that purpose.
It is working against the idea of activities for activities sake.

Our doors are always open to those who need support

Strategic Goals

In order to carry out its Mission, CLAY has set itself three broad Strategic Goals:


To facilitate young people to develop their life skills, realise their potential and play a purposeful role in the project, their communities and society.


To actively engage with stakeholders, partners and the community to facilitate CLAY in its work with young people and the community.


To build, develop and sustain the resources, capacities and capabilities of CLAY in order to progress as an innovative and responsive youth service.


CLAY is a registered Charity (CHY19983) and a registered limited company (383751).

CLAY complies with the Governance Code for community, voluntary and charitable organisations in Ireland.

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31a Crumlin Road,
Crumlin, D12